Brenda Hubers, MSW/LICSW, EMDR


I'm Brenda Hubers, Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker. Welcome to our website! We care about people and are excited to come along side of you and your loved ones to help improve your quality of life. I specialize in working with people who struggle with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) anxiety and depression. I enjoy helping individuals, couples, families.

I draw from a variety of therapeutic theory and techniques as well as use your spiritual gifts. I offer warm, compassionate, trustworthy, and respectful clinical mental health services in a confidential, relaxed environment. I feel it is a privilege and honor to share in your inner struggles and help you achieve hope, health and healing.

I have been helping people for 35 plus years. I'm a wife, mother and grandmother with many life experiences. I am non judgmental and it is my hope you will know my therapy office as a safe place to talk about your deepest thoughts and feelings.

Sometimes medicine is a valuable tool but often it is not. I have a good working relationship with medical providers in the area should medical help be needed.

I am certified and specialize in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). EMDR is an effective approach to treat PTSD, Anxiety and Phobia.


  • NASW/National Association of Social Work
  • AACC/Academy Associates of Christian Counselors
  • EMDRIA/EMDR International Associati

Becky Coulter LMFTBecky Coulter

Since graduating from Drexel University’s program of Marriage and Family therapy in 1985, Becky Coulter has spent 30 years in delivering family, group and individual therapy and managing treatment programs. She has worked as a therapist and director in residential and outpatient treatment for women with eating disorders, prenatal family support services, mental health and addiction treatment for pregnant and parenting women, and adolescent residential mental health treatment.

Working with individuals and families under high degree of emotional and social stress, she feels privileged to have gained a wide exposure to problems of adoptive families, children in out of home placement, trauma, identity issues, grief and loss, major mental illness and less acute but chronic and troubling behavioral responses to problems. While people who come to therapy need aid in reducing the effect of their symptoms on their daily life, they also come as a member of a family and community. These connections remain the strongest resource for resilience. It is my aim to respect and honor the family’s role in helping people to maintain and heal.

In addition to individual and family therapy, Becky has access to the aid of her registered therapy dog if the client is interested in having him present. Rex He serves as a stress reliever and a friendly, willing listener.

Melissa Kron, MS/LMFTMelissa Kron

Melissa earned her Master’s degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy from St. Cloud State University.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of North Dakota and a Master’s Degree in Human Resources and Industrial Relations.  Prior to becoming a therapist, Melissa worked in various human resources roles for over 10 years working with employees and managers in resolving workplace issues.

Melissa is passionate about helping others grow through life struggles.  Melissa works with individuals (both teenagers and adults), families, and couples to address various issues including stress, adjusting to life transitions, depression, anxiety, and relationship problems.   

Melissa approaches therapy as an opportunity for the client to explore their own personal story, recognizing that the client is the expert of their life.  Melissa focuses on strengths and seeks opportunities to explore patterns with clients, while taking into consideration the broader context of a client’s story.  

Melissa believes in the importance of healthy relationships in developing and maintaining emotional health.  She enjoys helping couples and families move from patterns of disconnect and conflict into secure loving bonds.

Melissa recognizes that it can be difficult to ask for help when we are struggling.  Melissa strives to meet each client where they are in their journey by providing a comfortable and safe space, while also providing hope that they can overcome their challenges.


Jeanette (Jochum) Lindstrom, Mental Health Practitioner, M.A., Psychotherapist
320-905-7349 Jeanette Jochum

Jeanette has a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy from Capella University. She also has a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Psychology from St. Cloud State University and a MBA Certificate in Aging from Boston University for Geriatric Social Work. Jeanette has assisted clients of all ages with overcoming challenges related to all areas of life and has experience working with individuals, families and groups.
Jeanette has worked in mental health for 15+ years as a; mental health practitioner, senior outreach specialist, vocational counselor working with work related challenges, primary counselor with at risk youth and children’s advocate in domestic violence. She specializes in anxiety, depression, autism spectrum, adoption/foster care issues, grief/loss, trauma, PTSD/stress, ADHD, parenting issues and relationship/family issues.

Jeanette focuses on a person’s present and future goals, while offering encouragement to develop realistic solutions to challenges. She offers a form of creative therapy geared towards life events at the child’s pace through play, art and language. The creative process allows clients to explore emotions, conflicts, social skills, self-awareness and self-esteem. Jeanette is especially interested in working with children 1-17, families, adults and seniors.

Kristy Hommerding, MA, LPCC

Kristy has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities (2006). She also has a Master’s degree in Counseling & Psychological Services from St. Mary’s University (2013).  Kristy has a longstanding interest in relationships and motivation/behavior and a strong desire to help others through understanding and empowerment.

Kristy has worked in the mental and behavioral health field for 5+ years, specializing in eating disorders and helping adult clients work through various life challenges and underlying issues (depression, self-esteem, abuse, life adjustments, anxiety, stress, etc.). Kristy has worked primarily as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and recently as a Program Coordinator, facilitating and coordinating care for individuals in an intensive day program. Kristy has experience in both individual and group therapy settings. Kristy has facilitated groups related to: self-esteem, body-image, health/wellness/weight loss, intuitive eating, etc. Before becoming a licensed therapist, Kristy served in multiple roles at a marketing company (program management, supervision, account executive, etc.) for 12+ years. Kristy has a strong passion for working with others and helping others achieve personal goals and improve overall life satisfaction.

Kristy prioritizes getting to know a unique individual and offers needed support to overcome challenges and find peace, resolution, and growth that can result from facing challenging life issues. Kristy is especially interested in working with adults with concerns related to self-esteem, relationship with food, perfectionism, body-image, relationship issues, life transitions, stress management, anxiety, communication/assertiveness, etc. Kristy is optimistic and believes that all individuals can develop the skills and strength to manage and/or overcome mental health or life challenges. Kristy believes that everyone needs support in life from time to time and that seeking help or treatment is a sign of strength, courage, and self-care.

Laura Weatherby, Psy.D. LP.

My name is Dr. Laura Weatherby and have been a licensed psychologist since 2006.  I graduated in 2004 from Widener University in Chester, Pennsylvania with my doctoral degree in clinical psychology.  

My undergraduate degree was in nursing from the University of Delaware. I worked full-time as a nurse in many different areas of medicine before returning to school.  I still maintain my nursing license and use my knowledge and experience from my nursing career to influence the psychotherapy I provide. I have seen too many times the interplay of how our medical and mental health has obvious, but also hidden and sneaky, ways of affecting our lives.

My favorite quote is “The journey is more important than the truth.”  This is how I view therapy. I love helping adults learn about their maladaptive patterns so they have more choices.  To determine the how, what, when, and why as well as learning to cope with the associated emotions allows the adult to be more present and purposeful in their lives.  I believe that people are trying the best they can with what information they have in the moment. As such, I take a non-judgment view of symptoms and problems in people’s lives.  I am very aware of the emotions, both verbally and non verbally, in the room and use them to move the adult to greater insight and growth. It is the process of therapy, which I enjoy being a part of,  that is the journey.

My experience includes:

  • Individual, family, and group psychotherapy, including DBT.  
  • Assessments for crisis situations as well as those court-ordered.
  • Psychological testing for personality, intelligence and adaptive behaviors, determining
    the presence of ADHD, differential diagnosis, and court-ordered.
  • Supervision of mental health students, non-licensed staff, and county social workers.
  • I have an interest and experience in working with adults in:
  • Personality disorders
  • Mood and anxiety disorders
  • Child protection, foster care, and adoption
  • Life crises - emancipation, identity, existential, generativity, etc
  • Complex medical problems
  • Grief, including large life changes