Life SEASONS offers Therapy Services for Willmar, Paynesville, and the surrounding area.

Glad you found us and glad you are here!  We are happy we get to be here for you! We at Life SEASONS offer Therapy both in-person and telehealth.   We have office locations in Willmar and Paynesville.

Telehealth Information

We're here to help. We offer Telehealth.

We use a secure HIPAA compliant platform for telehealth services.  We have a patient portal so most of the paper work can be done online.   We respect your privacy; it is important you have a private place for telehealth sessions.  Communication through email is not guaranteed to be entirely secure and you are advised to use it only for setting up appointments.   

Are you feeling lonely, even when around others? Do you struggle with lack of energy, sadness, loss of joy, or feel overwhelmed or hopeless? Are you bothered by stress, worries, nervousness, racing or consuming thoughts, insomnia, irritability, or poor concentration? Do you have a history of trauma, abuse, or rape? Are you experiencing relationship and intimacy issues, marital conflict, divorce, grief and loss, or parenting concerns? Do you struggle to keep a job, experience job dissatisfaction, or are not sure of your gifts and talents? Or, do you feel spiritually empty, suffer from low self esteem or body image disturbance, struggle with addiction, or have feelings of regret, guilt or shame?

You do not need to struggle alone! Please! Please do not hesitate to reach out for help. We will listen deeply, reflect emphatically, offer insight, provide feedback, help explore alternatives and serve as a guide and friend on your journey to a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Embrace your LifeSEASONS.